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Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser

assumption of duties as an external safety adviser or support your safety advisor for example:
  • monitoring of compliance with all regulations in your company, including documentation and immidiate notification (to you as an entrepreneur or owner of the company), of defects which may affect the safe transport of dangerous goods

  • reviewing, monitoring and documentation of the proper training of your employees who are engaged in the transport of dangerous goods

  • timely preparation of the anual report on the activities in relation with the transport of dangerous goods in accordance with the legal provisions (if so submitted to the competent authorities)

  • just in case immediate creation of an accident report

  • In-house training of those responsible, the "representative persons" and other responsible persons in your company who are entrusted with the transport of dangerous goods

  • consulting services for your safety adviser at the change of regulations

  • representation for your safety adviser

  • permanent acces to paricular advice, technical issues, authorities and in case of incidents and accidents

  • responsible contact person for authorities (e.g. district council / "Bezirksregierung")

Additional Services
  • preparation on the transport of dangerous goods (packaging, labeling, marking, etc.) and handling of consignment of dangerous goods